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Panther PTA

The Panther PTA

Introducing the Pioneer School Panther Parent-Teacher Association (PTA): the heartbeat of our vibrant educational community. Committed to fostering a supportive environment for both students and educators, our PTA stands as a cornerstone in the success of Pioneer School.

Dedicated to enhancing the overall educational experience, the Panther PTA plays a crucial role in organizing and executing various activities and community events that bring the school together. Engaging family nights and community events help to cultivate a sense of unity and pride among students, parents, and staff.

Fundraising is at the core of the Panther PTA's mission, with their efforts directly impacting the quality of education provided at Pioneer School. Through their hard work and dedication, the PTA secures essential funds that contribute to teacher classroom supplies, ensuring that educators have the resources they need to create dynamic and enriching learning environments.

In addition to supporting teachers, the PTA plays a key role in funding field trips, opening up new avenues of exploration for students and broadening their horizons. The PTA's contributions also extend to practical matters, such as providing for hot lunch programs and pizza days, adding an extra layer of convenience and enjoyment to the school experience.

What truly sets the Panther PTA apart is the commitment and enthusiasm of its members. This solid group of volunteers works tirelessly to ensure that Pioneer School not only survives but thrives. Their passion for education and community shines through in every event they organize and every dollar they raise.

As a vital force within our small school, the Panther PTA embodies the spirit of collaboration and dedication. Their impact resonates throughout the halls of Pioneer School, creating an environment where students can flourish and educators can inspire. The Pioneer School Panther PTA is more than just a group of volunteers; they are the driving force behind our school's success.

The Panther PTA meets once monthly via Zoom. Look out for these meeting invitations through our Parent Square app. 

Interested in becoming a member? Contact us at! 

Current Officers: 

Trevor Krieger – President

Alisa Rau – Vice President

Alyssa Krieger – Secretary

Melissa Schnitzmeier – Treasurer