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Phased Reopening Plan for 2021-2022

The Pioneer School Reopening Plan for 2021-2022 is subject to change

Download the PDF Version Pioneer School Reopening Plan Header ABC Plan Each plan has an emergency closure option built in. We will navigate between plans as necessary and directed by our County Health Department and Governor’s office. Reopening Plan BReopening Plan Phase C

Pioneer School Reopening Plan Header Precautions

Pioneer School Reopening Plan Header Health Safety Transportation


  • Masks must be worn by students and driver at all times;School Bus Cartoon
  • Assigned seating;
  • Bus disinfected/sanitized after every run;

Pioneer School Reopening Plan Header Social Distancing


  • Entrances/common areas will have signs that promote everyday protective measures and how to stop the spread of germs.


  • Visitors/volunteers will be permitted back on campus.

Hallway/Bathroom Traffic

  • Classes will have designated “break” times.

Community Events/Assemblies

  • PTA and school sponsored events allowed
  • Whole school assemblies are allowed


  • Adjustments made to the schedule to allow for staggered recess breaks
    • Student playgroups limited in size;
    • 5-8 students on play structures at one time;
    • Students distanced when standing in line.

Classroom Seating

  • Eliminate all non-essential furniture to maximize space;
  • Move from tables to individual student desks where possible in classrooms. Desks distanced apart and facing forward NO PODS ALLOWED;
  • Assigned seating.

Pioneer School Reopening Plan Header Hygiene


  • School Building – Optional
  • School Bus – Mandatory

Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer is provided in each classroom and should be used before entering room and frequently when hand washing cannot occur.

Hand WashingPioneer School Reopening Plan Hygiene Wash Hands Well

  • Teach and reinforce washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes among children and staff;
  • Additional key times to wash hands include:
    • After blowing one’s nose, coughing, or sneezing;
    • After using the restroom;
    • Before eating or preparing food;
    • After contact with animals or pets;
    • Before and after providing routine care for another person who needs assistance (e.g., a child).

Sanitizing/Disinfecting Commonly Touched Surfaces

  • Desks, tabletops, chairs, etc. to be sanitized daily
  • Clorox wipes can be used OR a CDC recommended disinfecting solution with a paper towel.

Drinking Fountain

  • Students/staff will not be permitted to drink from the drinking fountain, but the touchless water bottle filler is available for use.


  • Masks and gloves will be worn by those taking temperatures;
  • Students/staff exhibiting COVID symptoms, which resemble cold or flu-like symptoms (sneezing and coughing with OR without fever), will be sent home from school and asked to see their primary care provider before they are permitted to return to school. A doctor’s note will be required. Students with a fever of 100 degrees or more will be sent home from school and asked to see their primary care provider before they are permitted to return to school. A doctor’s note will be required.
  • We are asking our Panther families to personally monitor their students health. More than ever, we need families and staff to help us by choosing to do the right thing and keeping ill students home and not sending them to school dosed with Tylenol or IBUProfen.

Pioneer School Reopening Plan Lunch

PTA Sponsored Hot LunchPage Graphic Lunch Bag Apple Chocolate milk

  • Returning

Pizza Fridays

  • Returning

Pioneer School Reopening Plan Miscellaneous


  • No shared snack this year. Students will need to bring their own snacks each day;

Birthday treats

  • Allowed – Must be store bought and prepackaged.

Field Trips

  • Allowed

Pioneer School Reopening Plan Cleaning

Cleaning will be frequent using CDC approved cleaning materials or a bleach solution. Under all phases, sanitizingPioneer School Reopening Plan Cleaning will occur daily:

  • Commonly touched surfaces disinfected frequently throughout the day;
  • Desktops, table tops, chairs disinfected daily
  • Door handles, doors, lockers, bathrooms will be wiped down with disinfectant daily;
  • Rooms aired out weekly if weather permits;
  • Windows open as much as possible during fall and spring.

Pioneer School Reopening Plan B Breakdown

Pioneer School Reopening Plan Limited capacity


The following daily schedule will be observed with teachers on campus to deliver instruction.

  • On Mondays/Tuesdays the following students will be on campus for in-person instruction: K-3 grade. Grades 4-8 will receive virtual instruction at home during the regularly scheduled class period.
  • Thursdays/Fridays the following students will be on campus for in-person instruction: 4-8 grade. K-3 will receive virtual instruction during the regularly scheduled class period.
  • Wednesdays will be designated as assist days for struggling students to connect 1:1 with teachers via remote or on campus assistance. In addition, classrooms will be deep cleaned and disinfected.


  • Classroom by classroom recess schedule to reduce group size.
  • Lunches eaten in classrooms to reduce group size.

Pioneer School Reopening Plan Campus Closed

  • All instruction will be delivered virtually.
  • Teachers on campus for the length of the day (contracted times) to deliver virtual instruction. Teachers/staff MUST adhere to social distancing guidelines and where masks when in contact with other staff.