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School Bus Policy

A No Tolerance Bus Policy for Safety

Pioneer Elementary adopted a new bus policy that aligns with our PAWS program. Infractions on the bus are serious and quickly become safety issues. Due to this, there will be a NO TOLERANCE policy on the bus. The following steps will be taken with students who choose to violate our bus expectations:

  • Step 1) A refocus slip will be written and sent home to the parents.
  • Step 2) A refocus slip will be written and notice will be sent to parents. Student will be transported by parents for 5 School Days and will be assigned a seat up front for the remainder of the year.
  • Step 3) Upon the 3rd offense, the bus driver will contact the lead teacher. The lead teacher will suspend the student for the remainder of the year from riding the bus and will contact the parents letting them know of the 3rd offense.

* Flagrant Offense: In cases of students displaying “extreme” behavior, students may be removed from the bus for the year. (Even if it is their FIRST OFFENSE).