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Pioneer School Board

Pioneer School Board

The Pioneer Elementary School Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 4:30 pm in Room 105 of the brick building. Agendas for the board meetings are posted as they become available.

The Board appreciates comments and contact from the parent/guardian of children attending Pioneer School. Therefore, the Board encourages open communication between all parties with concerns for the betterment of the Pioneer School. Parents and community members may obtain a form to be added to a meeting agenda from the school’s secretary.

The members of the Board for this school year are listed below.
They can be reached by FAX at 373-5357.

2021-2022 Pioneer Elementary School Board Members

  • Joshua Cantrell – Chairperson
  • Wynn Powell – Trustee
  • Colleen Unruh – Trustee
  • Melissa Schnitzmeier – Principal/Superintendent
  • Marilyn Michael – Secretary/School Clerk

School Board Policy Manual Link

View the School Board Policy Manual