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School Donation Information


Mail To:

Pioneer School
1937 Dover Road
Billings, MT 59105

Call: 406-373-5357 or email Melissa Schnitzmeier for additional information on how to help.

Please include a note with your name and address for a tax receipt.

Current District Needs:

While full of history at over 117 years old, our buildings can and do adversely affect our student and community population. The campus’s newest building was built in the late 1950s with a small addition constructed in the early 1960s. This building is not ADA compliant and can prevent access for disabled individuals to the building’s restrooms. The “old building” is the original one-room schoolhouse – constructed in 1905. While the district has added a wheelchair ramp to the main floor of the original building, two steep sets of stairs can prevent access for disabled students, parents, staff, and visitors to the District’s lunchroom and the old building’s restrooms.

Seeking to improve accessibility for the District’s special needs and disabled populations, Pioneer School is actively working to find solutions to construct a new, fully accessible school building and playground.

Pioneer School Uses Donations In a Variety of Ways!

  • Updating/Upgrading Facilities
  • Playground Equipment
  • Purchasing Programs, Services, and Equipment for Students with Disabilities
  • Field trips
  • Community Events
  • Classroom Technology