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Parent Center at Pioneer School in Billings

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The Parent Center is located just inside the door to the brick school building and is available to families of Pioneer School during regular school hours. Our center is based on a self-serve system. It was started several years ago to serve as a resource to Pioneer School families. The original funding to set up the center came from a grant from Drug Free Schools (Title IV). The center has books, magazines, videos, audio tapes, games and DVD’s on a variety of subjects, some educational, some just for entertainment.

Samples of what the Center has to offer:

  • Interested in learning more about how to use discipline effectively? Check out an audio tape by Jim Faye.
  • Need information on learning disabilities such as ADD and dyslexia? The Center has books and DVDs on the subject.
  • Need a craft idea to do with your child for an upcoming holiday? Want a game to play with your child for the weekend? You can find it at the Parent Center.
  • For more information about our inventory, contact the school.

How it Works:

Our Center is based on a self-serve system. Find what you would like, sign your name to a card on the item you are interested in, bring it back in a couple of weeks or when you are done with it. It has an especially good selection of magazines. Titles include: Parenting, Family Circle, Family Fun, and Parents. Becky Murray has been a steadfast volunteer at the center, putting cards in the magazines (and other items) and putting them away when necessary. Thank-you Becky! What would we do without you?


The Parent Center sponsors the Christmas Craft Night. This annual event has been a lot of fun for several of our families. If you have any ideas or suggestions as to what other parent or family events you would like to see at the school, or items you would like to see at the Center, Call: 406-373-5357. Come check it out!!