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School Board Policy Book Updates February 2018

Updates to Polices 5210 and 5250 are below

The Updated Pioneer School Board Policy Book (PDF) is here


PERSONNEL  5210 ‐ Assignments, Reassignments, Transfers

The Board or Administrator may assign, reassign, and/or transfer positions and duties of all staff. Teachers will be assigned at the levels and in the subjects for which their certificates are endorsed. The Board or Administrator will provide for a system of assignment, reassignment, and transfer of classified staff, including voluntary transfers and promotions. Nothing in this policy prevents reassignment of a staff member during a school year. Classified Staff The District retains the right of assignment, reassignment, and transfer. Written notice of reassignment or involuntary transfer will be given to the employee. The staff member will be given opportunity to discuss the proposed transfer or reassignment with the Board or Administrator. Teaching Notice of their teaching assignments relative to grade level, building, and subject area will be given to teachers before the beginning of the school year. All District employees assigned extracurricular activities as a contract obligation must honor this obligation as a condition of employment unless released from this responsibility by the Board. Provisions governing vacancies, promotions, and voluntary or involuntary transfers may be found in negotiated agreements or employee handbooks.


Legal Reference:        Bonner School District No. 14 v. Bonner Education Association,


(2008) 2008 MT 9§ 20‐4‐402, MCA Duties of District Superintendent or County High School Principal


Policy History:
Adopted on: 4/14/2014
Revised on: 2/12/18



PERSONNEL 5250 ‐ Non‐Renewal of Employment/Dismissal From Employment

The Board, after receiving the recommendations of the Administrator, will determine the non‐renewal or termination of certified and classified staff, in conformity with state statutes and applicable District policy.


Cross Reference:       5140 Classified Employment and Assignment

Legal Reference:        § 20‐3‐324(2), MCA Trustee Powers and Duties

  • 20‐4‐204, MCA Termination of tenure teacher services § 20‐4‐206, MCA Notification of nontenure teacher reelection – acceptance – termination. § 20‐4‐207, MCA Dismissal of teacher under contract § 39‐2‐912, MCA Exemptions to Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act

Policy History:
Adopted on: 8/2003
Revised on: 11/2005, 11/7/2016, 2/12/18