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Technology Program

Pioneer Technology Committee

Pioneer School in Billings MontanaThe Technology Committee was formed in the fall of 2002. The committee is comprised of teachers, parents, community members and a school board member. The primary purpose of this group is to act as advisors to the school’s Technology Coordinators as to how to best budget funds and plan short/long term goals to meet the needs of our students!

Our mission at Pioneer Elementary is to meet the diverse educational need of all our students and empower them to become competent, productive contributors to their society in an ever-changing world.

Pioneer Elementary Strives to provide a comprehensive technology plan to provide all students an opportunity to use up to date technology efficiently, effectively and creatively to develop thinking skills, organize and process information, reinforce prior learning, enhance communication and apply technology to real life situations. Students will have access to a variety of technologies in the school, including iPads. Teachers will be provided with sufficient resources and professional development opportunities and integrate it into their instruction. Technology will be used to reduce teachers’ administrative workload and improve communications throughout the school and within the community.

Technology Program Pioneer School Billings MT

Technology Development Plan

This section defines the physical asset plans and goals for technology management within the Pioneer School System. All plans are in line with Pioneer School District’s 5-Year Plan and school policies. Plans are written with consideration as to the available facilities and infrastructure, including the physical boundaries and limitations of the school’s configuration. The following goals are prioritized to maximize efficiency and learning and are addressed on a yearly basis.

Immediate Goals (to be accomplished within the first 2 months of the school year)

  1. Purchase an additional 10 iPads for the K-4 mobile lab.
  2. Purchase 3 MacBook Pro Laptops to replace out of date and non operable devices in rooms 104, 105, and 106 so that the teacher may interact via AirServer and the iPads with students individually in the classroom.
  3. All functioning devices will be operated through the Meraki Management System.
  4. Staff iPad training by Beyond the Chalk in September

Short-Term Goals (to be accomplished within the current school year-updated annually)

  1. Continue to develop website content and structure.
  2. All apps added by the Meraki Management System and tied to MCCSS.
  3. Apps will be organized weekly by technology committee

Long-Term Goals (ongoing, to be continued from one year to the next or accomplished
over a period of time longer than one school year)

  1. Re-evaluate the standings on Technology tools and current technology trends within the community, annually.
  2. Evaluate what will be required to meet the curriculum guidelines during the curriculum planning process.
  3. Continue to develop the website, add to and upgrade features as necessary.
  4. Encourage community use of the Pioneer School website (www.pioneerschool.us) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pioneerelementarydistrict41).

Note: The Technology Committee is mindful of these goals as they plan for the future needs and direct the course of the school’s technology education program.

Laptops at School pioneer ElementaryCurriculum Planning

Student skill development on curriculum guidelines with respect to technology include, but are not limited to, the following:


      • Demonstrate the appropriate use and care of computers and or iPads
      • Use a calculator for identifying numbers
      • Use a keyboard for identifying letters and special keys (spacebar, arrows, returns)
      • Develop keyboarding skills
      • Use the mouse to control programs
      • Launch programs by icon and by using a mouse
      • Launch applications via the iPad
      • Manipulate tools in basic programs such as Kid Pix
      • Use educational software and/or applications
      • Proper use of telephone
      • Utilize Pearson’s reading and math curriculums via iPad

Pioneer School TechnlogyFirst/Second Grade

      • Review of all previous skills/terminology
      • Use the mouse to control programs
      • Develop keyboarding skills
      • Use computers to reinforce prior learning and/or iPad
      • Use computers, software, and/or iPad applications for age-appropriate research (direct teacher supervision)
      • Use computer and/or iPad to increase knowledge, achievement and performance
      • Use a multimedia program for a presentation project
      • Demonstrate appropriate use of hardware and software and terminology
      • Review and identify computer parts
      • Review and identify iPad parts and functionality
      • Launch and quit programs
      • Recognize and begin to use specific keys on the keyboard ( spacebar, return, letters, numbers, shift to capitalize)
      • Begin to use word processing applications
      • Use paint tools within an application
      • Introduce evaluation of website content

Keyboard Skllis in Elementary SchoolThird/Fourth

  • Review of all previous skills/terminology
  • Develop keyboarding skills
  • Use internet for research project
  • Use a multimedia program for a presentation project
  • Word Processing, editing (cut and paste, cursor, highlighting, changing format)
  • Participate in teacher/guided education using a web browser
  • Access internet sites by use of bookmarks/favorites
  • Use productivity tools such as spell check, page break, thesaurus, inserting pictures, etc.
  • Save and retrieve documents
  • Send and receive e-mail, (attach files, download files, forward and reply)
  • Introduction to file storage: Drive letters, file folders, files
  • Introduction to CD’s, DVD’s & floppy discs
  • Use charts/graphs for classroom projects

Digital Camera Class in Elementary School Pioneer School BillingsFifth/Sixth

  • Review of all previous skills/terminology
  • Software management – using multiple programs and/or apps, able to load program and use
  • Internet usage (getting on and off, etc.)
  • Use the Keynote program for a presentation project
  • Create spreadsheets
  • Introduce data base
  • Full understanding of how an iPad works
  • Critically assess information from technology sources
  • Chose appropriate hardware/software to complete a task
  • Demonstrate real world applications
  • Introduction of digital cameras: parts and usage
  • Use digital pictures/videos in word processing program
  • Become Digital Citizens

spreadsheet-K-6-Learning-ExcelTechnology skills will be integrated into the curriculum based on Montana Small Schools Alliance Curriculum Guide for Media and Technology.