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PTA Meeting Minutes March 2016

PTA Minutes

March 10th , 2016

The meeting was called to order by SKelly Adkins at 7:08pm.

In attendance: Darcy Ostermiller, SKelly Adkins, Joelle Maddox, Eva Ticknor


The robotics kits ended up costing around $1400. Budget is on target to make a profit this school year.

Old Business:

The Reef Fundraiser went well. They will send us a check in May.

Continuing Business:

Last Day BBQ is coming up. We need to send out a flyer before the event to ask hamburger or hotdog and to have families prepay.

We still need to find some volunteers to be a part of the PTA board. We discussed defining the roles of each position so people know what is expected of them.

New Business:

Even though we decided not to have a Scholastic Book Fair, boxes and boxes of books showed up at the school. We discussed when we could possibly have a book fair since the books are already here. Discussion is tabled for the moment.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:43pm Next meeting will be April 7th at 6:00pm