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Pioneer PAWS Program

Pioneer PAWS Program

Pioneer and MBI – Montana Behavioral Initiative
Pioneer PAWS Program Information

Schools are successful when they help children grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  For this to happen it is imperative that we have a safe environment that is supportive and conducive for growth.  By setting forth clear social and behavioral expectations and directly teaching students about those expectations, it is our goal is to create a positive atmosphere for optimal learning. In the fall of 2014, Pioneer Elementary adopted the Montana Behavioral Initiative (MBI).  MBI is a proactive approach in creating positive behavioral supports and social culture in our school.  Using data based decision-making we align curricula instruction with positive behavioral supports to encourage success in all areas.  MBI is consistent with federal education mandates such as the No Child Left Behind Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004.

Please take time to make yourself and your child familiar with our Pioneer PAWS policy along with its rewards and consequences.  Classrooms will emphasize a positive behavior plan that will allow your child to achieve the best possible education where he/she feels safe and is able to experience academic success.

Pioneer has set four school expectations which help to build our Pioneer PAWS Program.  These expectations are:

  1. Be Respectful  –  Treat yourself and others with high regard
  2. Be Responsible –  Be honest, take responsibility for your actions and words
  3. Be Safe –  Take care of self, others, and environment
  4. Be a Learner –  Active learners are involved and prepared.

The MBI Program has 4 components (definitions listed below):

  1. A matrix of behavioral expectations
  2. Lesson Plans to teach students the behavioral expectations
  3. An acknowledgment/reinforcement system
  4. Behavioral Infraction Notice

The Pioneer PAWS Programs expectations are to be followed throughout our school and includes common areas such as the lunchroom, playground, bus and each classroom.

Teaching Appropriate Behavior

Through MBI, students are taught school-wide expectations and have opportunities to practice them.  Staff members teach what behaviors are expected in the hallways, cafeteria, bathroom, playground, classroom, bus, before school, after school, and at assemblies.

Acknowledgment/ Reinforcement System

Another component of the MBI system is the use of consistent positive rewards to celebrate students’ success.  Students who are “caught” following the behavioral expectations are reinforced with PAWS cash.  This bucks will then be used to purchase items or privileges from the school prize store.

Behavioral Infraction Notice

While our MBI approach emphasizes appropriate behaviors, some students may still violate school expectations.  In these situations students will receive a Refocus slip.  In the instance that a student receives a Refocus slip for a major infraction, the student will consequently receive an Office Referral.  Please see the attached Office Referral Procedures form to learn more about this process.

Pioneer’s goal is to teach children alternate behaviors to ensure a school environment that is safe, FUN, free from distraction, and to help all children maximize their learning potential!

Our behavioral infraction policy is based on an understanding of mutual respect and responsibility.  If there are individual difficulties, we will work closely with the parents and students to ensure that the learning environment continues to be a positive place for everyone.

* Minor Infractions:

Students making poor choices will be instructed using the following prior to a consequence:

  1. Student will be given a prompt
  2. Student will be redirected
  3. Student will be retaught the expectation
  4. Student will be given an option; follow through with request or serve a minor consequence
  5. Student will be given a consequence and a minor refocus form will be completed for staff documentation purposes.  The teacher may make parents aware of incident.

Note:  If a student receives 3 Refocus forms for the same minor infraction in a month’s time, the minor becomes a major infraction at which time the student will meet with our school administrator and may be given a more serious consequence.  The resulting consequence may be up to a day of In-School Suspension.

* Major Infractions:

If a teacher or staff member classifies a student’s behavior as a one-step major infraction, the following will occur:

  1. Student will be given a refocus form to address his/her behavior.  The student will call home to report his/her behavior to the parents and the form will be sent home for signature. The student will meet with our school administrator and may serve a day of In-School Suspension.

If a student receives 3 major infractions within a year the student will follow the same steps listed above, however, at this point, a more severe consequence will be handed down which may include Out-of-School Suspension.

Expected Behaviors on Campus