Pioneer Paw Prints Newsletter May 2018

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  • May 2: Hot Lunch
  • May 4 Pizza Cheese
  • May 4: 5th/6th Grade Track Meet
  • May 4: K-3 Audubon Center
  • May 9: PE Fitness Test
  • May 11: Pizza Canadian Bacon
  • May 11: Pioneer Community Panther Party
  • May 14: Muffins 4 Mom
  • May 14: 1-3 Independent
  • May 14: Board Meeting 6PM
  • May 16: Hot Lunch
  • May 17: 4-6 Big Horn County MuseumMay Flowers Cartoon
  • May 18 : Pizza Pepperoni
  • May 18: AR Store
  • May 18: 4-6 Steep World
  • May 23 PAWS Party!
  • May 25: Donuts 4 Dad
  • May 25 Kindergarten Graduation
  • May 25 Last Day BBQ!


Principal’s News

As I reflect upon the 2017-2018 school year, I see a wealth of success achieved by our students, teachers, staff and Panther community alike. Our Panthers in grades 3 – 6 wrapped up the

Smarter Balanced Assessment week with sighs of relief! Their dedication and persistence were amazing, but perhaps the thing that amazed me the most was their ability to maintain a positive, “I got this” attitude. I am so proud of each of you!

Laci winner of the YMCA Leadership Award Winner
2018 Principals’ Leadership Award Winner Laci Johnson.

On April 19th, I had the privilege of of escorting one of our fifth grade girls to the annual YMCA Principals’ Leadership Luncheon. Joined by her mother and father, Carolyn and Darren, we recognized and awarded Laci for her outstanding leadership contributions to our school and community. I couldn’t be more proud of Laci, and I was very honored to have the chance to celebrate her accomplishments with her and her family!

May is going to be a VERY busy month! As we wind down the 2017-2018 school year, make sure that you check the

calendar, our school website and Facebook page often! You don’t want to miss out on any of the fun that there is to be had in this last month!

—Melissa Schnitzmeier – Principal, Pioneer Elementary

Hearts all in a row representing Gratitude

May’s Value of the Month: Be Safe

Be Safe:

Icon of PAWS Value of the Month

  1. Free from harm or risk: unhurt
  2. Secure from threat of danger, harm, or loss

Ways I Can Be Safe

  • Follow the expectations at home and school.
  • Use the playground and school equipment properly.
  • Keep my hands and fee t to myself.
  • I do not have to let other people control how I feel.
  • If I have a problem , I need to tell an adult I trust and keep on telling until I get help!

Newsletter Banner School News Pioneer


Dear Parents,

May is finally here and the end of the school year is quickly approaching! With the end of the school year upon us we ask for your help in maintaining your child’s daily routines at home. Proper rest, completing homework, and a good focus on school to keep your child academically strong as we finish out the year. The last few weeks of school get very busy with finishing up unit studies and testing. Thank you for your help.

During the month of April we explored ways to take care of the environment. We learned about ways to take care of the environment, including the 3 Rs— recycling, reducing, and reusing. We also discussed the changes that happen in Spring. In reading we focused on the letters Qq, Vv, and Yy, as well as reviewed the vowels. Please review the letters and their sounds by having your child say and write words or draw pictures that begin with these letters. In math, we learned about 3D shapes and positional words.

Hope you have a marvelous May!

—Mrs. Burns

First GradeCartoon ABC Blocks

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe that we are already into our last month of school. This final month will bring a lot of fun, as well as continued learning.

Catterpillars in Jars for Butterfly ExplanationWe are hard at work preparing for second grade. This means learning math concepts such as measurement and telling time. In reading we are continuing to become more fluent readers, while constantly expanding our vocabulary.

Science has been heavily incorporated into our reading time lately, as we have learned about growing plants, and how butterflies transform. We are anxiously awaiting the day that our caterpillars form their chrysalis! It’s a fascinating process.

—Mrs. Rau

Math cartoon and AppleSecond & Third Math

2nd Grade

Second graders have worked so hard this past month, and have flown through 3 math topics! They are soon to be going into learning about telling time and then will be moving onto working with money! They are pretty excited about both of these topics, and I look forward to seeing them succeed! I can’t believe how much this class has grown and learned this year! It started slow, but they are now flying through topics with ease! Start having discussions at home about how to make a dollar with coins and why it is important to know how to count change and know what coins are worth. Also start asking your student to tell time on a standard clock. The more exposure, the better students retain information. Have a great month and keep practicing at home.

3rd Grade

Third graders are about to finish up their division topics (7&8) and will be soon learning about perimeter and area! I love this topic because it is very hands-on, and students can visually see how math takes place in the real world! Please, please keep practicing multiplication facts at home. Not all student have become fluent in multiplication facts, and practicing at school alone is not enough! Slips are still being sent home that students need to return. Please fill them out, sign them, and send them back. When 5 slips are turned in, the student gets to take one problem off of their assignment. Again, all of the facts need to be memorized, so only allow 5-7 seconds for a response.

—Mrs. Eissinger

Second & Third ELA/Science/Social Studies

Cartoon Lady Bug and PencilWe are entering the Spring time. I am excited for the kids to have a break and then return for a strong push before the school year ends!

For both grades in ELA, we are continuing our week by week focus. Please make sure students are practicing their spelling words. They have been doing a good job and we don’t want to lose momentum. Reminder to keep reading and taking AR tests so the students can continue progressing in reading but also will have the opportunity to purchase fun things with their points at the AR store.

In science both grades will be completing a project to create their own habitat. This will be a fun project. We will start the introduction the beginning of the month. There will be a guide paper that will be sent home for more information. Nearing the end of the month the third grade will be doing Smarter Balance testing. It will be a good idea to bring an
extra snack and water bottle if they don’t already. This will be a week long testing. Second grade does not perform this testing. It starts in the third grade.

Lets have a great finish to the school year!!!

—Mr. McDermott

Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth Grade

4th Grade Math

Just as I expected we have flown through topic 12 and 13, and are 3 short lessons away from finishing up topic 14! This topic deals with units of measurements and conversions! This topic was fun, as the student could relate what we were learning on paper to real life models. One of our “mind blowing” questions was, “ What weighs more? 1 ton of pillows or 1 ton of bricks?” Try asking your students and see what they think. Moving forward, we again have 2 students in our class. This is exciting because our discussions are more rich and we get more opinions on subjects. Fourth graders will soon be onto learning about lines, shapes, and angles. This will be our last lesson before we head into 5th grade! Wow how time has flown!

—Mrs. Eissinger

Reading & English Language Art

Can you believe that it is May?!? This year has LITERALLY flown by! We’ve had some absolutely wonderful adventures together! Between conquering the Parts of Speech and Grammar Boot Camp, to becoming Context Clue Detectives, and diving into several novels – our fourth, fifth and sixth grade students have CRUSHED the standards this year! During the month of May, we wrap up the last unit of Pearson Reading Street ELA and map the amazing progress the students have made. It’s going to be a crazy busy last 19 days of school – I know the kiddos will power through like champs!

—Mrs. Schnitzmeier

Cartoon of Kids and Alphabet

4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Math/Science/Social Studies

May is going to be a busy month with lots of exciting end of year trips and activities. My class has been full of energy as the students enjoy the warmer weather. I am just as excited as the students to be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

In Math 5th grade has finished the unit on geometry and the unit on measurement and conversions. In May the students will begin working with data and then we will dig deeper into some of the concepts we have already covered and begin doing extensions into 6th grade concepts. In 6th grade the students are working on ratios and percents. The students are making good use of their skills with fractions to move quickly through the ratio and percent units. In May they will be learning about equations and graphs.

In science we have been focusing on life science and more specifically about plants. We have also spent some time discussing the amount of waste that is being created and building up in the oceans around the world. We have talked about recycling, being smart consumers, and being responsible citizens with the planet. In May the class will be learning more about physical science, and how science is used in our lives today.

In social studies we have been focused on geography and learning about Latin America. The students have learned about the physical geography of Latin America and now we are learning about the people and cultures. The students have been intrigued by the Inca, Aztec, and Mayan cultures. We will be continuing with geography in May and learning about some of the areas of the world that most interest the class.

In art we have been working with clay and learning about the many different types of 3-D artists. The students created different animals, figures, and characters with clay. The students also had the chance to try stop animation. Many of the students did not have the patience for stop animation but enjoyed creating the characters and figures. A few of the students did complete a stop animation story and the results were impressive. In May we will return to sketching, drawing, and other crafts type projects.

—Miss Schatz

Cartton of Kids around big Letters that say READLibrary

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
—Hans Christian Andersen

April was a great month but went by as quickly as all the other months and now we are in the beautiful spring month of May! I love seeing the greening of the fields, the tender shoots of spring flowers coming through the ground, and prepping my garden beds for all my much-anticipated plants.

May is such a month of anticipation and joy as it ushers in a new season and is the harbinger of summer, glorious summer! It is also a month of ‘end-of-the-year’ testing, lesson wrap-ups, and all the exciting extra-curricular events and happenings.

We will also have our BIG AR STORE of the year on Friday, May 18th, which many of our students know have been happily looking forward too! Test, test, test, and save all those points for our end-of-the-year blow-out with goodies galore! Thanks to our ever-supportive PTA we have lots of fun and exciting items in our store!

I will be sending home a list of Summer Library times shortly. I really enjoy seeing our students come in to continue their reading over the summer. I look forward to visiting with them throughout the summer. All of the points they accrue over the some will count toward next year’s AR stores!

As always, I encourage you to spend 20-30 minutes a day reading with your child(ren) as you model and mentor them in achieving their reading goals! Reading is truly the gift of a lifetime!

—Mrs. Russell

All checked out Library books are due back by 5/11/2018!
Last day of Library class is 5/18/2018

Physical Education & HealthCartoon of Kids Playing Sports

Mother nature played a joke on us for a while with the weather, but it hasn’t kept us down. All classes have been going outside and learning new skills and games. A few favorites this past month are Hula Hut and Pirate Ball. In Hula Hut, students have to put up a hut made of hula hoops. They then have to guard their huts while other students try to knock them down with rubber playground balls. In Pirate Ball there are two teams. Each team tries to guard their playground balls (treasure) while the other team tries to steal it. There are 2 taggers on each team that can freeze the opposite teams players (pirates). Taggers can’t steal, they can only tag and freeze people. As, always students also play line tag, kickball, and soccer.

On health days, students have been learning about the brain’s parts and functions. They found it interesting that the left side of the brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side of the brain controls the left side of your body. We will soon be making brain hats, so be looking for those to be coming home.

We also finished up our Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser this month. It was a huge success! Check out Pioneer’s Facebook page for the official top earners and pictures!

—Mrs. Eissinger

Cartoon Nurse Notes Header Banner

Nurse Notes

They’re your tootsies, your dogs, your piggies. Whatever you call them, feet are an important part of you. Without them, you couldn’t stand up, walk around, or run a race. In fact, your feet work so hard for you that sometimes they get sweaty. And stinky. Think of a hot, summer day when you’ve been walking around an amusement park all afternoon. Oooh, boy — your feet have been in those sneakers a long time! On the car ride home, you decide to kick off your shoes. It feels good, but it smells bad. In fact, you might get an earful from the other passengers in the car: P.U. — what stinks? Bacteria are to blame. These tiny critters normally inhabit your feet Cartoon of Bare Feetand love dark, damp places like the insides of sweaty shoes. They multiply in sweat, so if you don’t wear socks, that really gets them going. In the right conditions, bacteria will feast on your feet. These bacteria eat dead skin cells and oils from your skin. Their colonies will grow and start getting rid of waste in the form of organic acids. It’s those organic acids that smell bad. And for 10% to 15% of people, the smell is really bad. Why? Because their feet are extra sweaty and become home to bacteria called Kyetococcus sedentarius (say: kite-oh-KAH-kus SEH-den-tair-ee-us). These bacteria produce more than just stinky organic acids — they also produce stuff called volatile sulfur compounds. Sulfur compounds usually are powerful and awful smelling. If you’ve ever smelled a rotten egg, you know what volatile sulfur compounds smell like.

What Can You Do?

There’s usually no need to worry about stinky feet. But if the stink bothers you or someone notices it, you may want help to step in. So how can you stop your feet from stinking? Well, you might not be able to stop stink completely. But if you cut down on sweat, you’ll cut down on the odor.

Try these steps:

  • Be clean. Wash your feet every day. Dipping your feet into a tub of water and scrubbing may be better than just letting the shower water splash on them. Be sure to dry your feet when you’re done.
  • Wear the right socks. Cotton, some wools, and special knits made for athletes will absorb sweat and allow your feet to breathe.

Put on a fresh pair every day, and also if the socks get damp.

  • Make sure your shoes aren’t too tight. If they are, your feet might sweat more than normal.
  • Switch shoes. Wearing the same shoes every day can make them smellier. Let them dry out for a couple of days before wearing them again.
  • Kill those germs. Ask your mom or dad about using a disinfectant spray to kill bacteria in your shoes. You also might wash your feet with antibacterial soap. Setting shoes out in the sun also may help.
  • Wash shoes or insoles. Some insoles or shoes, especially sneakers, may be washable — a great way to kill odors and get clean- smelling shoes again. Be sure to dry them completely before wearing them.
  • Avoid shoes made of plastic. Plastic and some human-made materials don’t let your feet breathe.
  • Go barefoot. Let your feet air out by letting them spend some time in the open air, especially at night. But don’t go barefoot too much — especially in the outdoors — because that can invite certain bacteria (like that Kyetococcus) to live on your feet!
  • Don’t share shoes or towels with others. If you do, that may transfer stink-causing bacteria from other people’s feet to yours. Gross!

If you still have problems with foot odor, talk with your mom or dad to get their opinion. If they agree think the stink is a concern, they can try getting you odor-fighting powder or insoles. If nothing seems to work, you might want to talk with your doctor about what to do. The doctor may give you a special medicine to put on your feet.

For most people, foot odor can be controlled. The worst part about having stinky feet is that it’s embarrassing. If you’re worried about this, just keep your shoes on when you’re in social situations, like when you’re at school or riding in a car.

At home, keep your feet clean and go barefoot so they get some air. If your feet are clean and dry, those bacteria will have to find their lunch somewhere else!

—Karen Graf RN Pioneer School Nurse

Come Join Us At Our First Annual Panther Pride Community Carnival!

May 11th, 2018

  • Gates Open: 6:00 PM
  • Movie: 8:00 PM

Sign Big News!

The Panther PTA and Pioneer Elementary are throwing ONE AWESOME CARNIVAL!

Highlights Include:

  • Vendors
  • Out Door Movie
  • Out Door Games
  • Raffles
  • Food by Montana Melt ans Summer Snow

Our Participating Vendors Include

  • Heights Car Care
  • Kari Jones State Farm
  • Tea City Cupcakes
  • Montana Mini Buckers
  • Norwex
  • C&T Inflatables
  • Active Image Hair designers
  • Opportunity Bank
  • Lori Sorensen with Thirty One
  • USBorne Books by Bailey Shafer

Gate Admission is FREE!

Small charges apply for the Bouncy House, Photo Booth, Games and Food.

2018 Principals’ Leadership Award Winner Laci Johnson

Laci winner of the YMCA Leadership Award Winner
2018 Principals’ Leadership Award Winner Laci Johnson.

Laci Johnson was nominated for the Principals’ Leadership Award because she has shown academic excellence and leadership. She does her best on all assignments and strives to maintain a high academic standard. Laci pays close attention to details and makes sure that her daily work is not only accurate, but also meticulously neat and of the utmost quality. She truly excels in all subject areas! Laci goes above and beyond on her assignments pushing herself to do her best on all her work. She regularly completes more work than is asked of her. Her work ethic and focus on doing well sets a positive example for her peers.

Laci is respectful, responsible, and reliable. She is always ready to learn, well prepared, and self-motivated. She has volunteered to work with students in the younger grades. Laci has been reading with Kindergarten students weekly most of the year. She has also helped prepare and present a lesson on some of the school values for the younger students. All my students have come to see her as an example of a model student. She truly leads by quiet example.

She should be proud of herself and her accomplishments. I thank her for her efforts this year and I can’t wait to see what she does with her tremendous talents.

Shepherd Lions’ Demolition Derby

Come join us for an afternoon of fun for the whole family!

  • Saturday May 19th 2018Cartoon of Demolition Derby Cars Crshing
  • Food and Drink vendors on-site – No Coolers Please

 Demolition Derby will take place @ 3555 Hwy 87 N Billings, MT 59105
Just up the hill beyond Independent School

  • Derby Gates Open @ 8:00 AM
  • Spectator gates Open  @ 11:00 AM
  • Races Start @ 12:00 PM – rain or Shine
  • 0-12 Years Old Get in FREE
  • 13 and Older $8

 Cartoon Letter of PTA and ApplePanther PTA News

This time of year has been keeping the Pioneer PTA busy! We have wrapped up candy sales, and are moving forward. We also had a change in officers since last month. Our new President is Paula Tokarski and our new Vice President is Mrs.Taylor Eissinger.

The PTA was happy to see all of the participants at Jump Rope for Heart, and hope they enjoyed that snacks that we supplied for the event! It was also reported that last months winners of the Paws assembly were Zane and Gavin! Great job boys!

As you know, our young Panthers work hard all year to make good choices and follow our PAWS Expectations; Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be a Learner. This month, PTA is excited to team with the teachers and send all students who have continually made good choices bowling and to have a picnic in the park for the annual PAWS Party!

Unfortunately, it was decided that this year’s PTA Reef Party will not take place due to the busy time of year and difficulties getting ahold of the facility. Don’t fret! We still have some AMAZING events coming up! Planning for the first ever Community Panther Party is in full force! Bring your family, friends and neighbors to come experience all of the fun! There will be food, drinks, games ran by the teachers with prizes, games put on by vendors, vendor booths, a bounce house, and an outdoor movie! There is no cover charge to get into the carnival. Come check it out!!