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MEETING MINUTES: August 13, 2018

Regular Meeting Minutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . August 13, 2018

Presented for Approval . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . September 10, 2018


DATE: August 13, 2018


TIME: 6:00 p.m.


PLACE: Pioneer School, Main Building, Room 106


MEMBERS Bill Bullard, Chairperson

PRESENT: Sarah O’Brien, Trustee


ABSENT: Kari Jones, Trustee

CLERK: Marilyn Michael


ADMIN: Melissa Schnitzmeier

STAFF: Jami Burns, Dylan McDermott & Taylor Eissinger arrived at 6:00 pm  



GUESTS:   None





Trustee, Bill Bullard called the meeting of the trustees of Pioneer Elementary School District #41 to order in Room 106 of the main building, Monday, August 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm.  Trustee, Bill Bullard welcomed all those attending. Trustee, Bill Bullard read the Montana Law about public meetings.


  1.  MINUTE APPROVAL:  Sarah O’Brien made a motion to approve the minutes of the special meeting minutes of July 23, 2018 and August 7, 2018.  Bill Bullard seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous; the motion carried.  









  • District Enrollment:  K – 12, 1st – 8, 2nd – 7, 3rd – 9, 4th – 9, 5th – 3, 6th – 3, 7th – 4, 8th – 2 for a total of 57.
  • Campus Remodel
    • Painting done, minus the mural
    • Rooms/offices moved & updated
    • Security system/phone system installed
    • Decals will be added this week
    • Kevin is working on landscaping, one pine tree needs to be removed is Kevin is working on scheduling this.
    • Knife River filled our mysterious hole a couple weeks ago.  We will be sending them a THANK YOU.
    • Playworld has been contacted for replacement slides
    • Yellowstone Power Plant is donating crushed limestone for garden walkway.  We will be sending a THANK YOU to them.
    • New blinds are ordered
    • Connie attended the MSSA Counselor Variance training in Bozeman on 8/9/18
    • Taylor, Jami, Alisa, Dylan & Melissa attended an active intruder/shooter training at Skyview on 8/9/18.
      • It was suggested we have a trauma kit (1) and other essentials are needed for each classroom.
    • Shepherd Superintendent agreed to $5K Pro-Rated for SPED Preschool students
    • Melissa will be cleaning and preparing the school for students next week (until our new custodian starts) His background check has been sent.
    • House system
    • Electronic Newsletter
    • REAP – Waiting on funding total
    • TITLE – Completed, waiting to submit
    • Mrs. Michael – THANK YOU for being the point of contract this summer and for all of the additional work you put in to ensure our contractors were met and taken care of while they installed our new equipment.  THANK YOU for all the hard work to ensure the staff had everything they needed this summer as they worked to make improvements to our campus.
    • Kevin Maddox – THANK YOU for keeping our campus maintained, taking care of our staff needs and getting everything ready for our students when they return next week.
    • Mrs. Eissinger – THANK YOU for taking extra time out of your summer vacation to help Mrs. S on the extra painting and redecorating projects we had.
    • Mrs. McDermott, Mrs. Rau, Ms. Wright, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Russell & Mrs. Eissinger – THANK YOU all for taking an enormous amount of time out of your summer vacation to ‘spruce up’ your rooms and make them warm, welcoming environments for our students.  THANK YOU for helping us remove years of clutter to ensure we have the room necessary for our students and their creations. THANK YOU for working so hard to create curriculum maps to ensure we are ready to bring every student to success in our new curriculum.
    • Kari Jones & Sarah O’Brien – THANK YOU for all of your extra help during the moves AND after as we worked to make our campus a cleaner, more colorful place for our students.
    • Bill Bullard – THANK YOU for supplying and hauling the new desks for the office and classrooms.


  1. MILL LEVY/FORMATION OF COMMITTEE – Bill explained that the board would like to see a committee formed to see what we can do to get a mill levy passed in the future.  The board would like to hear ideas on this as we get nearer to the election time again.
  2. SAFETY ENHANCEMENTS – We are still waiting to hear on a bid for doors.  Sarah explained that he is getting together several different options for doors/locks or a combination of these to make the school safer throughout the day.
  3. BLIND BID – Marilyn checked with Billings Best Blinds about black out blinds.  He said the bid is for blackout blinds. Sarah made a motion to accept the bid of $3620 for blinds in rooms 102, 103, 105, the office, the copier room.  Bill seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous; the motion carried,
  4. Playground Equipment discussion – Melissa has created a GoFundMe page for a new playground set.  The cost of the set that was chosen is approximately $26,300. This includes some picnic tables. She is working to get a price to replace the broken slides on the existing playground set.  



  1. WELCOME TO TEACHERS & STAFF/SUMMARY OF SELECT SCHOOL POLICIES – Sarah welcomed the staff back for another school year.  Bill added his welcome and explained that as a board they are trying to change the culture of teachers not fulfilling their contracts after they have been signed.  He stated that the board will honor their part of the contract and asked the teachers to do the same. If there is a need to be let out the contract, the board asked that the staff member come to them to let them know of the problem so everything possible can be done to do what is in the best interest of the students.
  2. BUS ROUTES FOR BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR – Marilyn reported that she is updating the routes as new students are enrolled and transferring.  At this time, there are no route changes, only additions and deletions o existing routes.
  3. RECOMMITTMENT TO THE EASTERN YELLOWSTONE SP-ED CO-OP – Melissa explained that each year we must sign a recommitment to the Co-op.  The Co-op provides speech, school psychologists, and other specialist that we need or could potentially need. Sarah made a motion to approve our recommitment to the Eastern Yellowstone Special Education Coop.  Bill seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous; the motion carried.
  4. MCEL conference – Melissa – Melissa may attend the MCEL conference in October.  She is waiting to see what conferences will be available this year. She explained that as part of the Title I grant, we have $4529 that can be used on staff trainings.  Sarah a made a motion to allow Melissa to attend MCEL. Bill seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous; the motion carried.
  5. TRUSTEES FINANCIAL SUMMARY 17-18 – Marilyn presented the TFS to the board.  This is a report for OPI to recap of the expenditures and revenues for the 2017 -18 school year.  After it is approved by the board, it will be submitted to the County Superintendent and OPI. Todd Watkins was a great help to Marilyn while completing this and the Budget report.  Bill asked if Todd saw any concerns on our expenditures while helping with this report. Marilyn reported that he did not, however we had money left in the transportation fund and he suggested that we transfer $20,000 to the building fund for safety purposes. He then helped to do this.  Sarah made a motion to approve the 2017-18 Trustee Financial Summary report. Bill seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous; the motion carried.
  6. FINAL BUDGET REPORT FOR 2018-2019 – Marilyn present the final budget report for 2018-19.  This was completed with Todd Watkins & Melissa’s inputs. Melissa presented the final preliminary budget to the board also.  She explained that with the addition of Title I and the REAP grant, the amount needed to use from the flex fund is much lower than previously estimated.  Sarah made a motion to accept the 2018-2019 Final Budget Report. Bill seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous; the motion carried. Marilyn explained that this will also be submitted to the County Superintendent and OPI.  



The clerk presented June claims warrants numbered 21085 through 21113 in the amount of $73,946.67, this includes the transfer of $20,000 to the building fund for safety purposes, and the payroll warrant numbered 8994 in the amount of $1279.71.  The ACH and Direct deposits were included in the amount.

The clerk also presented July claims warrants numbered 21114 through 21126 in the amount of $5,301.58, and the ACH and Direct deposits in the amount of $9,761.88. No warrants were written for the July payroll.  The clerk presented the trial balance sheets for each fund and a monthly report stating each line item YTD and budget balance remaining for the each fund. After review of the report, Sarah O’Brien moved to approve the financial reports. Bill Bullard seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous; the motion carried.




  1. None


    1. Marilyn reported that Econo Glass came and measured the front window & the bid to replace it is $507.71.  She told Econo Glass to order the window & fix it as soon as they can.
    2. Marilyn explained that the regular water test for July came back showing coliform bacteria, a second test was done and it also showed coliform bacteria.  Consumable chlorine was added to the cistern and water is being run more. We have a Level 1 Assessment report that must be completed. Marilyn has been in contact with our certified water operator and he will complete the assessment report.  He will retest in August before school starts. This is a common occurrence as water sits in the cistern & pipes throughout the summer as it is not run as often as during the school year. He is not concerned about passing the August test.
    3. Bill asked if David Inman had accepted the custodial position.  Melissa said he had and his background check has been mailed in.  Bill asked if David was asked if he would consider getting a bus driver endorsement to be our substitute bus driver.  Melissa had not asked him yet. Bill then asked if we had a substitute driver. Marilyn stated we do not. Bill said he would talk to his wife as she has substituted in the past.
    4. Bill reported that Brandon Fleury is still planning to do the concrete in front of the bus barn.  Marilyn reported that Kevin had met with Brandon. Brandon had measured & spoken to Knife River about donating 10 yards of concrete for the project.  It is planned to be completed before school starts
    5. Melissa reported that although we cannot afford an SRO, several officers have stated at the training that the staff attended that they would drop by once in a while to show a presence and let the kids see officers here at the school.



A motion was made by Sarah O’Brien to adjourn the meeting. Bill Bullard seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous; motion carried. The meeting ended at 7:00 pm. The next scheduled regular meeting is Monday, September 10, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in Room 105 of the main building.




Attest: __________________________     SIGNED: ____________________________

          Bill Bullard, Board Chairperson

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