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Bus Route Update

Substitute Drivers in Operation

Due to health reasons, Mr. Brooks has had to resign as our bus driver. Unfortunately, this means that we have to make some changes for the remainder of the school year.

  • Mrs. Bullard is able to drive the morning route Monday through Wednesdays. She is not available for Thursday & Friday mornings, so we will be running our emergency, 1 bus am route on these days.
  • Mr. Stevens will drive this route. This may change the times that your student(s) are picked up.
  • The bus may be a little early, but it may be a little late.
  • Mrs. Bullard is able to drive the afternoon routes for us.

We are having trouble finding a driver for the afternoon routes on Thursday, May 18 and Friday May 19th as Mrs. Bullard has previous commitments on these dates.  We will keep you up to date on the situation.

Please contact the school if you have any questions.