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Teachers & Staff

Did you Know? Pioneer School will be transitioning to Departmentalized Classrooms and Learning for the 2017-2018 year

Read the Full Article about Pioneer Transitioning to Departmentalization


Mrs. Jami Burns

Kindergarten (Self-Contained Classroom)




Ms. Alisa Rau

1st Grade (Self-Contained Classroom)




Dylan McDermott

Mr. Dylan McDermott

2nd & 3rd Grade Homeroom 105 (Departmentalized Classrooms)





 Jerica Schatz

Mrs. Jerica Schatz

4th – 6th Grade Homeroom 102 (Departmentalized Classrooms)





Melissa Schnitzmeier Principal Pioneer School

Mrs. Melissa Schnitzmeier

4th-6th Grade, ELA/Social Studies, Principal Administrator (Departmentalized Classrooms)




Teacher Eissinger


Mrs. Eissinger

2nd – 6th Grade Math/Science & PE (Departmentalized Classrooms)

  • Call: 406-373-5357





Mrs. Connie Russell

Library, Title, and Special Ed






Mrs. Marilyn Michael

School Clerk & Secretary





Mrs. Karen Graf

School Nurse




Mrs. Kyanne Wear

School Counselor