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Principal’s Vision for 2017-2018

Melissa Schnitzmeier, Pioneer Elementary Principal sets goals for the 2017-2018 school year. Read this web page or Download a PDF version here.

Principal’s Vision Plan

“My vision: To deliver the highest quality education in the most positive and passionate environment.”
—Melissa Schnitzmeier, Pioneer Elementary Principal

Strategic Long-Term Goals

As a Team We’re Working Towards…

  1. Maximizing every child’s learning.Enhancing parent and community engagement.
  2. All stakeholders must hold themselves accountable for making our school the very best school.
  3. Maintaining effective, efficient and innovative support systems.
  4. Managing fiscal resources effectively and efficiently.
As described in the image above, we will: Set A Goal, Make A Plan, Get To Work, Stick To It, and Reach Our Goal.

If It’s for the Students

I Will …

  • Provide professional learning aimed at improving student achievement.
  • Provide high quality data that links student achievement to school and classroom practices, and assist teachers on how to use data effectively.
  • Support teachers in their professional development needs.
  • Instill a belief that each and every child is capable of high levels of learning.

Professional Development Model

The above model focuses on a) building relationships, b) a staff focused on student success, and c) creating opportunities for teachers to learn.

Build Relationships

  • Interact with the staff personally to learn more about their professional learning needs
  • Provide Support and Trust

Staff Focused on Student Success

  • Lead the way for teachers to work with a common purpose
  • Every teacher can identify the vision of the school, as well as, identify their role in making the vision a reality

Opportunities for Teachers to Learn

  • Involve teachers in the learning and allow teachers to share their learning with others
  • Teachers are part of the decisions and implementation of professional development

Joyful School

School culture and climate are important to the overall success of the school. My culture of the campus is defined as…

This is students, parents, and staff working together to create a family environment of learners.



      1. Establish ongoing, clear, and consistent communication with all staff, students, parents and community members.
      2. Promote our school, our teachers and our students by sharing our successes.
      3. Build a strong and united campus team, in which, we focus our efforts on creating a culture of academic excellence.
It starts with me…THE PRINCIPAL Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.
The principal’s vision includes a variety of contributing factors such as Cooperation, Relationships, Empathy, Respect, Values, Evolution, Needs, Welcomed, and Engaged.

2017 – 2018 Focus Items

We Will …

As George Bernard Shaw said: “progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change thier minds cannot change anything.”
      • Begin meeting regularly to collaborate, reflect, and strategically plan our instruction using data to drive our decisions.
      • Understand that with new initiatives come mistakes and THAT’S OKAY!
      • Together we will tackle each challenge and LEARN as we continue to make Pioneer a better place to be each and every day.
      • Build teams based on every member’s strengths so that we might foster the best and most effective use of collaboration time.
      • Continue to improve our MBI program, while looking to RTI to enhance our instructional interventions and supports.
As Albert Einstein said “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”


      • Departmentalized Classrooms
      • RTI & Using our Data to Drive our Instruction
      • Implementation of Teams
        • Data Team
        • Communications