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Pioneer School Board

Pioneer School Board in Billings Montana

The Pioneer Elementary School Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm in Room 105 of the main building. Agendas for the board meetings are posted as they become available.

The Pioneer School Board appreciates comments and contact from the parent/guardian of children attending Pioneer School. Therefore, the Pioneer School Board encourages open communication between all parties with concerns for the betterment of the Pioneer School.

The members of the Pioneer School Board for this school year are listed below.
They can be reached by FAX at 373-5357.

2017-18 Pioneer School Board Members

  • Bill Bullard – Chairperson
  • Kari Jones – Trustee 406-698-9112
  • Sarah O’Brien – Trustee
  • Melissa Schnitzmeier – Administrator
  • Tiffany Kuntz – Treasurer
  • Marilyn Michael – Clerk   406-860-6132

School Board Policy Book

Download the Policy Book PDF Here