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Application for Non-Resident Students

Pioneer School accepts non-resident students.

Non Resident student currently attending Pioneer Elementary must reapply for admission for the succeeding year by June 15th.

Every nonresident student who attends Pioneer School District must reapply for admission for the succeeding year by June 15. Admission in one school year does not infer or guarantee admission in subsequent years.

Current Students who are non-residents

  • Parents will need to write a letter to the board requesting to remain at Pioneer School. The letter must be received by June 15th.
  • Mail the request for renewal letter to:  Pioneer School Board, Non-Resident Student Renewal, 1937 Dover Road, Billings, MT 59105

New Non-Resident Students must complete the Non-Resident Student Application

  • All applications for non-resident students must be in at least 2 weeks prior to a school board
  • A parent or guardian must attend the next regularly scheduled school board meeting.
    (If a parent or guardian does not attend the school board meeting, the application will
    not be considered.)
  • The next regularly scheduled board meeting is to be held June 19 (These meetings are subject
    to change)
  • This application must be turned in 2 weeks prior to the board meeting you intend to attend.
  • The Lead Teacher will contact your previous school regarding attendance, grades and

Download and Print the New Non-Resident Student Application here